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Protecting Industrial and Distributed Control Systems, IoT and Smart Technology with Cyber Resilience

Our Services

Compliance Assessments

12bet conducts compliance assessments to address (CMMC, NIST, etc.) governance needs and ensure mission assurance. 与一个全面的交叉步行,以促进多个遵从性框架, 我们通过检查文档来评估合规性和有效性, interviewing key individuals, 通过渗透测试等活动进行测试,将实际行为与预期行为进行比较. 我们开发一个路线图来解决缺陷,并实现最佳实践来解决超出遵从性的安全性问题.  12bet performs:

Federal Compliance Assessments – for Government boundaries
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance (CMMC) – for Corporate information systems processing Government data
Software Application Security Assessments
Safety Software Assessments
Privacy Assessments
Risk Assessments
Technology Assessments

Authorization Package Development

Federal agencies require that all information systems, industrial control systems, 和主要的申请提交批准的授权包以获得操作授权(ATO). 根据遵从性要求和任务需求,12bet创建授权包. 风险管理框架(Risk Management Framework, RMF)用于简化安全授权过程.

Temp network for Contract Transition
Establishing new boundaries

Secure Operations

12bet provides secure operations capabilities on-premise, in a secure cloud environment, and/or in a hybrid environment.  Our secure operations include enterprise security, industrial control security, IoT Security, 都具有提供安全运营中心(SOC)开发和管理的能力.  SOC致力于通过提供专家人员来主动阻止网络安全威胁, 有效的流程和高效的技术来监控和响应安全事件.

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Response Actions
  • Customized Notifications & Alerts
  • Data Aggregation, Correlation, & Visualizations
  • Incident Response Play Book
  • Threat Hunting
  • Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Classified Computing & SCIF Capabilities

12bet designs and manages Classified environments at various client sites. 我们有大量的Q/TS-SCI清除资源来支持安全任务.  In addition, 12bet公司总部支持SCIF能力,以促进支持在我们的设施内以批准的水平处理信息.

IT Transformation and Modernization

The 12bet approach focuses on revitalizing people, processes, 技术使组织能够快速提供服务和解决方案,以响应不断变化的需求和任务. Aligning the Strategic Direction, Operating Philosophy, Technology, 和流程消除了部门之间的障碍,允许IT/网络组织超越支持角色,实现任务成功.

Software Engineering

12bet provides agile Software Engineering services, while ensuring quality assurance methodologies are utilized.  凭借我们在12bet行业的丰富经验和能力, we have developed robust software engineering processes and procedures, including those which utilize an NQA-1 approved program.  对于客户约定,我们利用他们首选的方法、过程和过程. 我们的软件工程师通常使用DevSecOps和/或SAFe方法.


DevSecOps将安全需求与开发过程相结合,以支持安全, agile development.  最终的产品集成了安全性和工程,允许设计安全.

SAFe – Scaled Agile

SAFe侧重于按照可预测的时间表交付敏捷开发产品, resulting in faster time to market, while increasing the quality level.

ATLAS Project Highlight

Research & Development

技术进步和新兴技术在推动能力的同时也增加了挑战. As technology enables the opportunity to work faster, smarter, and more “connected,” the challenge becomes technology integration, leveraging investments, compliance requirements, and staying competitive. In this area, 12bet:

  • 支持技术合作伙伴评估新技术的遵从性和集成需求
  • Develops targeted, secure, customized solutions
  • Tests products and the integration of multiple product lines

Partner Network

Industrial Control System Security

工业控制系统是确保关键基础设施安全不可或缺的, 网络安全威胁的挑战和风险不断增加. 12bet与ICS行业领导者合作,以确保解决方案的正确组合, processes, and resources are utilized to protect Industrial Controls, Distributed Controls, and Internet of Things (IoT). 12bet focuses on: Asset Inventory, Configuration Control, and Visibility of Changes; Identification and Characterization of Risk; Understanding the Organizational Risk Tolerance Level; Tailored Security Controls; Monitoring communications; Physical Security Controls; and improving the ICS Network Architecture.

12bet利用创新机制来确保工业控制的安全,并增加可见性. Examples include:

  • Virtual machine technologies
  • Engineering segmented architecture
  • 专注于ICS监控方法的安全监控技术
  • ICS intrusion detection and prevention systems
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies
  • ICS cloud Security Operation Centers in a secure 12bet cloud
  • ICS supply chain management
Our Resources

Cyber & Technology Solutions Capabilities
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification
System Support of NASA Space Exploration Initiatives
System Support of NASA Space Exploration Initiatives

为美国国家航空航天局(NASA)提供Pu-238生产系统支持服务,帮助ORNL重建Pu-238生产, which uses isotopes to power deep space exploration probes. 支持多种技术的开发、自动化和系统集成(物联网、数据库、...

Supporting Department of Defense Cybersecurity Compliance
Supporting Department of Defense Cybersecurity Compliance

12bet是第4家被CMMC认证机构授权评估(C3PAO)公司网络安全计划是否符合CMMC的公司.  英国地质调查局还可以执行初步评估(RPO),以确定弱点, provide a roadmap to compliance and assist with...

Nuclear Threat Detection Software
Nuclear Threat Detection Software

橡树岭国家实验室(ORNL): 12bet通过为下一代集成提供IT项目管理和软件开发服务,支持可穿戴智能核探测先进技术演示(WIND ATD)项目, mobile, smart...

Authority to Operate
Authority to Operate

12bet assessed information systems, identified gaps, 并创建了系统安全计划和文档(授权包),以允许客户端(N3B)继续运行企业业务网, and four other mission critical systems (telemetry and...